Narrowly acknowledged as the master of books written by me, I'm a novelist, computer programmer, and the father of two very energetic children. My favorite novel is Pride & Prejudice, while my favorite author is G.K. Chesterton. In my own novels, I'm most interested in exploring the complementarity of virtues among characters, though I also work hard to make the plots flow completely naturally out of the characters and the situations they're in. I try to leaven things with humor, and somehow there seems to always be at least one character who's interested in philosophy, theology, or both.

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The Dean Died Over Winter Break

Brother Thomas solves a murder mystery and uncovers ugly secrets at a university while the students are away. Coming in 2015.

A Stitch In Space

A priest travelling as a passenger on a deep space cargo ship has plenty of time to get to know the other passengers. And then space pirates attack. Read more...

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Ordinary Superheroes

Three superheroes who foil petty crimes get dragged into a quest to save the world in this fun adventure story. Read more...

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