My hobby of wood working is substantially curtailed by the fact that I have neither a wood shop nor a garage. The living room is a terrible substitute for either, though in my case it has to do. Sometimes I get to borrow my father-in-law's tools and garage, though.

The result of these inconveniences is that I don't get many opportunities for wood working. I built a cabinet a few years ago, and more recently I collaborated with my father-in-law on a spinning wheel and a swift, and I've done a bit of miscellaneous work finishing the odd piece of equipment which comes in unfinished wood. There have also been some spinning wheel parts for me to finish — a spinning wheel is never complete without a dozen or so bobbins.

Unfortunately, right now my wood working hobby is mostly designing furniture which I don't build. But as soon as I can I plan to start assembling my own wood shop (I already have many hand tools stashed away in a closet). Wood is a wonderful medium to work in. It's very useful, but also very pretty. The individuality of wood grain makes every piece unique, and there's also the different qualities of the different woods. Wood working is especially a great hobby here in America, where we have many beautiful native hardwoods to choose from.